• Elisa Litvin

Moving forward: New beauty ideal of media industry

What is the secret behind a confident woman? Someone who seems to have her life under control and an outfit that captivates the eye of every passerby. Is it because of the song she is listening to in her earphones, the encouraging words that she heard from her friends or is it because she feels good about her physical appearance?  

The last option tends to be the most influential, as the appearance has become an extremely important trait for people who seek success nowadays. We are in a constant state of comparison in almost every situation of our daily lives and with the development of various platforms of media, it has become easier than ever before.  

Media is the dominant supplier of beauty ideal messages which is why people often find themselves looking at the pictures of celebrities and models. Many studies show that women, especially young girls, are more likely to be influenced by media than men. Being highly inspired by celebrities and their lifestyle, it is more likely that women try out countless diets and workouts to reach their dream body goal.


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you have to describe an ideal female body type portrayed in media? 

Many of you might think of Victoria’s Secret models who are known to be sexy, super confident and with a rather thin physique. For decades, these women were the main source of inspiration for the modern beauty ideal. Millions of viewers each year, anticipated the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, to see models in lingerie strutting the runway. However, times have changed and there is a new beast (coming with full force) on the horizon - the Savage x Fenty, the lingerie brand discovered by the famous singer Rihanna. 

The brand has been successful in representing women of all sizes and shapes. In 2018, Savage x Fenty closed New York Fashion Week with a show that was considered to be one of the most inclusive shows ever. Various body types, multiple races and even a pregnant woman - basically anything you can imagine. A year later, companies’ latest fashion show got released on Amazon Prime and received incredible feedback from the viewers. 

What has happened to Victoria’s Secret? After the former chief marketing officer, Edward Razek stated that the brand is not hiring any plus-size or transgender models, the number of viewers of the fashion show slumped to an all-time low in 2018. Also, the declining sales of lingerie have caused multiple store closures, and it is the first time in years when the show is not going to be televised. It can be assumed that it is a consequence of the declining popularity of the brand. 

Such changes in the lingerie industry show that we have finally reached the point in society where beauty does not depend on body shape. Today’s media sends an important message to women stating that everyone should embrace their individualities, regardless of their race or body type. 

I believe that the answer to the question I asked at the beginning of the post is that the secret behind a confident woman is being yourself and feeling comfortable in your skin. Music, friends and outfit can definitely help with that, but it all starts from loving who you are. 

So the next time you find yourself being insecure, think about that quote: 

“I know some people don’t like me but what can I do, not everyone has a good taste."