• Tautvydas Gaižauskas

Salut! Salut…

The French word salut is quite a paradox if you think about it. It is a colloquial way of greeting someone but also… for saying goodbye. “Yes! That’s crazy, right!?” shouts a desperate student, trying to remember all the names for numbers, but without making remarks about the craziness of French and the inability to come up with a single word for “eighty” (I mean, seriously? “Four twenties”? Is this a maths lesson?), I think we can all agree that salut holds some sort of different energy. Not that it’s a fancy word to say, but the meaning within is what’s important. Which brings me to the power of goodbyes.

As Creed from the cult TV series “The Office” said, humans have this incredible ability to make every place home. And that’s not just with places – we tend to make extraordinary connections with simple things too, not to mention other people. If we combine everything we have a connection with, we get something called “life”. Our world.

When it comes to human connections, it’s no surprise they come out to be the strongest… or have the biggest impact on our life.

And in our little worlds, the places we make our own are comforting, special, they carry so many memories. Memories are crucial, because they encompass the essence of us – how we came into this world (from being brought by a stork to being found within cabbages), who brought us up, who were and are our friends, what is our purpose in the society, so on and so forth. Moving houses is extremely difficult emotionally, because a lot of times those walls and those decorations were the only things which witnessed our life’s events, delightful and despised. Also, who hasn’t taken some time to find the perfect lamp shades, the just-right wallpapers or the calming and satisfying door handles? You built this place – probably every thing in the house has some charge of Qi.

TV series? For sure! You know what I’m talking about. Leaving that esoteric obsession over characters and their love stories behind, almost everyone has probably been invested in a TV show to some degree and, I dare to say, everyone has felt some sort of a longing feeling when the show ends. That’s very natural – although some shows manage to kinda include the viewer into the story better than others, we still feel some sort of connection – to the story, to the characters or maybe to the way the show was written. And we build all the memories together with the writers, actors and viewers alike.

When it comes to human connections, it’s no surprise they come out to be the strongest… or have the biggest impact on our life. This time around, it’s a two-way road. No matter how beautiful or filthy the relationship is there are always two (or more, if you manage to find more than one friend) people in the equation. When you put in extra effort, because you get feedback from someone else, the connection becomes even more valuable. And oh dear me, those memories are… awesome! Just think about all the stuff you’ve done with someone… Isn’t it satisfying to know those events in your life actually happened? Even the sad ones, they have a purpose too. Every connection, every memory teaches us something new and/or important.

The fundamental part of farewells are all the memories we make. Knowing the story is more comforting than the arbitrary guessing of what’s coming next. It’s even beneficial to re-watch favorite movies, as knowing the end of the story makes us calmer. Without a doubt, most of the times, breaking connections is… inconvenient, out of the “comfort zone”, low-key painful, saddening and heartbreaking, and nothing breaks like a heart, right? But the thing about goodbyes is that they are also the new hellos. For every door closed, a window opens. After winter’s life-taking frost comes a new opportunity to grow in spring. You get the idea. Anyway, when the time comes to leave – go. You are allowed to turn your head back, because memories are important, remember? Just don’t obsess about the past, for all hellos are as important as all the goodbyes.

Salut… Salut!